My Defining Moment
February 03 2014

Heat Seekers Premieres In The Philippines
February 01 2014

Glad to announce that Heat Seekers with Aaron Sanchez and myself is premiering in the Philippines this evening. Yippee...thanks for all of your support. Let the heat seeking begin...
My Childhood Memories Of Chinese New Year
January 31 2014

Photo: Grandpa Moses Moo and myself as a boy.

Growing up my grandfather, when he came to visit, would always make sure to hand us each a little red envelope with gold writing on the front. Inside the envelope would be a token gift of money fitting of our age, mine was usually a penny. I still have those envelopes in a box in my house with a collection of fortunes over the years.

Chinese food traditions, although very flavorful, are heavily influenced by their nutritive and health benefits. Not only do the temperature and ingredients matter but also their preparation and order of service. As with many things in Chinese culture, the food plays a pivotal role in health, prosperity and virility.

In my household we still often keep some of the Mooking tradition alive and I hand out the same red envelopes to my own kids on Chinese New Year and we make sure to hit one of our favorite Dim Sum spots. The first time we took the kids, they were so excited to see the Dragon Dance going through the dining room complete with deafening drums and regalia. They have since asked to go back again and again...I think they like the money in the envelopes for their piggy banks.
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