Feedback From - Chin Injeti
February 24 2014

From time to time, and when inspired, I will be featuring a person I think you all should know more about. An always candid day in the life story, our guest today is Chin Injeti:

What are you best known for?
For being a music geek & a dad

What day of the week are you telling me about and in which city?
Monday Vancouver

What time did you wake up and tell me about the first 5 minutes?
6:30 it was painful had to stretch

Which 3 songs would best fit as a soundtrack on that day?
Ain't no Sunshine
Walking in a winter wonderland
It's Raining Again

Most memorable things you put in your mouth?
Fresh Granola & yogurt

Who did you share it with?
My baby

One thing you wish you could change about that day?
Less snow

What is your most significant food ritual, which you missed?
My morning coffee was running behind

What shoes did you wear and why?
Native duck boots cuz they are perfect for me

Who committed your ultimate food pet peeve, and what was it?
My friend who always takes huge bites out of my plate

What promise did you break?
I promised I would swim in the morning

One thing you did to build your dream?
I'm constantly building infact I'm doing it now .

What time and in which city did you go to sleep?
11:00 Vancouver
Valentines 2014
February 14 2014

By now you have seen all the mushy, lovey, cliché Valentines advice so I will spare you the repetition and give you some good old fashioned good advice. Everyone needs to eat and if they don’t LOVE food then they probably aren’t very nice people that deserve to have someone doting over them on the “sexy time” day (use your best Borat voice here). So Ive decided to keep it simple and devote my Valentines blog to feeding your loved one something delicate, delicious, and sweet – like them I hope. Its an Ice Wine Panna Cotta recipe that is basically fool proof and served in single dose spoons that can be enjoyed when you need that extra boost of energy if you know what I mean. Enjoy and have a great day.

P.S. If you don’t have someone to share Valentines day with then this is a good recipe to replace the cookies and movie on the couch with, just feed a spoon to yourself between tears of sorrow. Then repeat and feel the love for yourself grow with each spoonful. Valentines day is for everyone.

Click HERE for the Valentines 2014 Ice Wine Panna Cotta recipe.
My Defining Moment
February 03 2014

T-Shirt Collection Red Hot