July 19 2013 all.

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MSN Feedback Interview
July 18 2013

Did a really in depth interview with MSN that went up today. Thanks MSN for respecting my story and being real, that is appreciated. It was a fun and difficult interview at the same time but thus is life.

Read the article here.
The First Supper In Hawaii
July 18 2013

After a long flight, on the first night in Honolulu, the whole crew got together for a celebratory dinner. It was late on a Sunday by the time we were all settled and ready to eat and found one place on the brink of closing called Tokkuri-Tei , the perfect mix of delicious Japanese food and college bar that was highly recommended by some locals.

The décor was a collage of pub chairs and tables, Japanese lanterns, fisherman’s buoys and customer testimonials written on the walls.

The kitchen was slightly annoyed that we arrived with 10 people 10 minutes before closing and the server warned us that it was a final order as the cooks were getting ready to go home. So we rushed and ordered – the food came out quickly and was delicious. Im a soup fanatic and love a good broth with noodles so I that was my choice. To make it even better the soup had another one of my favorite foods, soft poached egg. Ummmm…

The Shrimp Tempura and Cabbage were an extra special bonus.

Everyone left stuffed and tired after a long travel day. On the way out I noticed a sign that made me laugh…a lot.
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