NEW VIDEO - Writing On The Wall featuring Dane Hartsell
June 23 2014

Today I released the new video for the first single from my new album Feedback Acoustic. Here it is…enjoy.
Kaffir Lime Leaf vs Makrut Lime Leaf
June 23 2014

Thank you Vancouver Sun for publishing this article. Been saying this for many years now and…well…just read the article.
Feedback From - Ted Reader
June 18 2014

Let's take a gander into a Day In The Life of Chef, BBQ Expert and author Ted Reader.

What are you best known for?
Barbecue and all things connected with getting your grill/smoker fired up and ready to create something delicious

What day of the week are you telling me about and in which city?
I be telling you about a Thursday in the Windy City in Chicago

What time did you wake up and tell me about the first 5 minutes?
5:30 wake up call, did my business & had a tin of iced espresso

Which 3 songs would best fit as a soundtrack on that day?
Raise a Little Hell by Trooper
Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time by Trooper
Hotel California by the Eagles

Most memorable things you put in your mouth?
Lobster Roll on a hot n crispy buttered top cut hot dog roll at the Oyster Bar at Shaw's Crab House. Oh it rocks. Crispy Pigs Ear Salad with Sunny Up Egg at the Purple Pig, Double Knob Creek Bourbon Manhattan, and lastly the white pizza at Eataly. Wood fired thin crust with smoked sausage. Oh it was a very tasty day. I do love the food in Chicago

Who did you share it with?
Had the pigs ears with a friend who created a kitchen gadget and had the pizza with two friends from the Chicago area. Always better to eat with someone rather than all by your lonesome!

What is your most significant food ritual, which you missed?
A Chicago style hot dog with sport peppers, mustard and onions and bright green relish. No tomatoes. I like the dogs at Portillo's or Hot Doug's. That be what I missed in terms of a food ritual when in Chicago

What shoes did you wear and why?
Black Leather Blundstones! Why because they be very comfortable and go with anything and when necessary you can get em super dirty and look super cool working you work!

Who committed your ultimate food pet peeve, and what was it?
A waiter kept bugging me while I was trying to eat and enjoy some solitude while watching the Cubs on TV while at the bar. Leave me alone, especially when I am in the throws of eating dinner. Really drives me nuts. I don't need that much attention. Over kill at a bar!

What promise did you break?
I promised that I would not have any junk food while I was on the road. Blew that up real good. Enjoyed a coke, had a Butterfinger chocolate bar and a bag of pork rinds.

One thing you did to build your dream?
Promoted my newest cookbook in the Chicago market place with press, radio and tv appearances. Dream big, work hard and make it come true!

What time and in which city did you go to sleep?
Chicago, 12:50 AM lights out!
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