Feedback From - Craig Mannix
July 16 2014

Today we get a peek into a Day In The Life of music veteran Craig Mannix.

What are you best known for?
Being one of the first people in the Canadian Music industry to specialties in "Urban" Music marketing & A&R. (That means Black music). Some call me a Hipster, I consider myself a B-Boy & budding Chef. I have also been accused of having too much fun & being too nice.

What day of the week are you telling me about and in which city?
Any given day in Toronto

What time did you wake up and tell me about the first 5 minutes?
7:00am Turn on ESPN Radio, pee & play with my BFF Walter (my English Bulldog)

Which 3 songs would best fit as a soundtrack on that day?
Shook Ones
Started from The Bottom
Any ACDC song

Most memorable things you put in your mouth?
I tried Horse when I was in Milan. Two things made it memorable. 1. I was having dinner with K-os who is a hardcore vegetarian. 2. The fact that it was frickin Horse!

Who did you share it with?
Every & any one. That I can within reason

One thing you wish you could change about that day?
My dog ate my sandwich when I went to grab the remote control.

What is your most significant food ritual, which you missed?
When I am at home cooking & don't have a specific ingredient to finish my dish. When I go to a restaurant & they have sold out on something I've been craving for. The server usually says "we always sell out of that dish". Then make more of it!

What shoes did you wear and why?
Sneakers have always been a part of my lifestyle . Every one tell its own story & has history. Jordan 3 creme of the crop

Who committed your ultimate food pet peeve, and what was it?
Terroni love there food . Don't love there lack of substitution policy. How the hell are they getting away with that in LA? Lol

What promise did you break?
I promised myself that I would take things easy not go out as much. But I love music & people way too much for that.

One thing you did to build your dream?
My lifestyle is & has been a dream of mine. I feel truly blessed because I've managed to make my childhood love into my lifetime carrier. I am a music guy & have been since the age of 17. Most people live their whole lives not loving what they do for a livening. I am blessed & will never be jaded.

What time and in which city did you go to sleep?
Any time in Vietnam , is technically the next day.
Talking Man Fire Food, Music & More on Arise TV 360
July 15 2014

Had a good laugh over at Arise TV 360 yesterday. The squeezed a seldom told tale of my love of fire out of me too. Check it out.
Today Show - Super Simple Sweet Chili Chicken
July 13 2014

Had the pleasure of hanging out with Erica Hall in the kitchen on The Today Show this morning. In case you missed it live, here it is for you! Sweet Chili BBQ Chicken coming up!

Watch the video after you hit play and watch the ad, promise.
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