Man Fire Food Location Guide
June 09 2014

If you're wondering where to find all the great places that I've visited on Man Fire Food, you can find is on Cooking Channel's Man Fire Food location guide.
Feedback From - Irene Wong
June 04 2014

Let's take a peek into a Day In The Life of Executive Producer extraordinaire Irene Wong.

What are you best known for?
Ordering the entire menu just so I can take food photos and then making all my friends eat. I might take a bite.

What day of the week are you telling me about and in which city?
Friday in Austin, Texas

What time did you wake up and tell me about the first 5 minutes
7am and my first thoughts were: what city am I in… what day of the week is it… was the bathroom on the right or left side of the room…. And then I checked my iphone for emails and Facebook updates

Which 3 songs would best fit your soundtrack for the day?
Counting Stars
Wake Me Up
These songs are played often during the classes I take at Equinox. I hadn’t trained in two weeks so I was "mentally exercising” through these songs.

Most memorable thing you put in your mouth.
Ortolan in France. The entire bird in one bite.

Who did you share it with?
Crew and guests who were a part of that day’s tv shoot.

One thing you wish you change about that day?
Not sitting in the last row of my United Airlines flight. That’s what I get for cheating on Delta Airlines.

What is your most significant food ritual, which you missed.
Kale blueberry almond protein smoothie for breakfast. I had already packed my Vitamix blender in my suitcase.

What shoes did you wear and why?
Started with my metallic gold Flamingos sneakers because I needed to be on my feet for that morning’s shoot. I then changed into my grey suede Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties because I was heading to the airport for an afternoon flight and then straight to dinner once I landed.

Who committed your ultimate food pet peeve and what was it?
My friend and colleague Gio Lima. He put Chocolate Soy milk in his coffee. Coffee should be enjoyed black, with half & half or sweetened condensed milk.

What promise did you break?
To write breakdowns/scripts for upcoming shows. I’m the Queen of Procrastination.

One thing you did to build your dream?
Quit a great staff position I had for seven years. Today I run my own television production company.

What time and in which city did you go to sleep?
1:00am in Chicago
Watch Full Episodes of Man Fire Food Seasons 1 & 2 Online
June 02 2014

If you missed out on any of episodes of Man Fire Food Seasons 1 and 2, you can watch the full episodes for free on Cooking Channel. Be sure to catch up and you'll be ready for the premiere of Season 3 tomorrow at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT on Cooking Channel.

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