Feedback From - Pierre Lamielle
February 25 2015

Take a gander into a day in the life of a chef who likes to combine his love for food with visual art - Pierre Lamielle.

What are you best known for?
Combining drawing and cooking, which makes me a kitchen drawer. I’ve also done a bit of culinary competing on the likes of Top Chef Canada and Chopped Canada.

What day of the week are you telling me about and in which city?
Friday at home in Calgary, Alberta.

What time did you wake up and tell me about the first 5 minutes?
Barley woke me up early to let me know he already pooped on the floor in the bathroom. He’s still a puppy so he is cute enough to get away with it once in a while. I get up to take the other Cavalier King Charles puppy outside so she could be a lady and poop in the snowy garden. It’s -15˚.

Which 3 songs would best fit as a soundtrack on that day?
The Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee album covers all bases.
Do cartoons count as music? Adventure Time plays in the background.

Most memorable things you put in your mouth?
Some leftover hand forged chocolate truffles from an event I catered last night. The rest of the day is eating leftover this and that before the weekly farmer’s market shop on Saturday.

Who did you share it with?
Candace slept in but she joined me for a cuppa and the last truffle. Just in the nick of time. Or did she have coffee? She switches her caffeine allegiances often.

One thing you wish you could change about that day?
Barley could have woken me up 5 minutes earlier.

What is your most significant food ritual, which you missed?
Hands down, having a cup of tea. I never miss it though. I may have an addiction.

What shoes did you wear and why?
It’s a barefoot day inside the house, which is where I’m going to stay as long as I can. It’s a good day to work on the website redesign for in front of the window while the snow tumbles down.

Who committed your ultimate food pet peeve, and what was it?
The kids always show up and refuse to try something I cooked. My biggest pet peeve is people who won’t at least try something. Ugh.

What promise did you break?
I skipped the gym, it’s too cold to make the trek. It would be unnatural to go outside.

One thing you did to build your dream?
Had a cup of tea. Tea restores my normality. I check the growing list of shirt ideas we’ve compiled to see which one I can take to completion today…

What time and in which city did you go to sleep?
Home in bed early with a laptop on my lap and a dog wrapped around my head. I never left the house, mission accomplished.
Valentines Day 2015
February 14 2015

For Valentines Day this year I've enlisted the help of one of my favorite “Sweet” people. Introducing Cookie Cornucopia with her Caramelized Upside Down Blood Orange Hazelnut Cake. The full recipe for this festive cake is available on her Facebook page.
Hero Day (for a whole month) at Twist By Roger Mooking
February 03 2015

Im very happy to announce that at Twist by Roger Mooking we will be donating $1 from the sale of every Roasted Fish to Second Harvest Hero Day Campaign for the month of February. I went on CP24 this morning to help launch the campaign.

If you don't know what Second Harvest does then you need to check it out. As an official Ambassador, Im very proud to be a part of their dedication to rescuing food and making sure those in need get the necessary quality food they need to survive on a daily basis.

Thanks to my partner HMS Host for supporting this campaign, it wouldn't be possible without you all.

Food literally is love, spread love.
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